Awards Night 2021

Wow- what an incredible night we’ve had: a productive rehearsal preparing for the Bendigo Comps, but also an awards ceremony too!

FYCB & WB Life Members Awards

Erin Ellenburg
Laszlo Szetey

VBL Membership Awards

VBL 5 Years: Dave, Erin, Ant
VBL 10 Years: Byron, Pete, Steve, Steele
VBL 15 Years: Emily, Ali, Tim
VBL 20 Years: Emily, Kathryn, Louisa, Stuart













VBL 30 Years: Laszlo, Brenton

Band Awards

Most Improved: Mat Austin
Section of the Year: tubas
Bands person of the Year: Kathryn Cooper
Player’s Player: Peter Murnane

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