FYCB Europe – Day 1 – Versailles, France

My roommate is still sleeping so I’m sitting on the window sill watching the sunrise, writing a one fingered update on my phone.

The flight was ok, first one 8 hours – no sleep, 3 movies. Then a 15 hour flight. Maybe 4 hours of dozing. Binge watch of 6 episodes of ‪picnic at hanging rock‬. At Paris airport for 3 hours going through customs, sorting out lost bags and finding people who were meeting us there. (Only lost one bag (not mine) should turn up today).

But then! We took the coach to Versaille. So beautiful! Wandered around the grounds for 3 hours with such beautiful weather. We walked through manicured gardens, paths, through the forest and endlessly found new twists and turns. Took lots of silly photos on a few different cameras.

Lovely day, great lunch. Back to Paris, went for a wander, had omelette and wine.

Bed at 7, just had 11 hours sleep.

Great day.

– Emily Furlong (solo trombone)

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