Online 2021 Nationals a huge success!

The band are very pleased with our results from the online nationals 2021.

The competition was online this year and streamed over the Easter weekend by the wonderful Tim from

Due to the massive interruption to rehearsals in 2020-21 the decision was made by the NSW bands association not to rank the bands, but award either Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze for each submission. Bands could enter whichever pieces in their section that they wanted to. The most popular sections ended up being the sacred item and stage march.

FYCB were the only A grade brass band in the country to enter all four sections, and the only A grade band from Victoria to enter. Given the huge Melbourne lockdowns last year, we are so proud to have achieved this.

FYCB results:

Own Choice Major Work: Bronze

Concert Item: Silver

Sacred Item: Silver

Stage March: Silver

Our four performances can be watched on this playlist.


LT 🙂

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