Remembering Jenny Morrish 1984-2015

12346307_10153782325666565_3011680880915312462_nMany of our friends and family will know that not long after the Australian Nationals of 2015, our dear friend and percussionist extraordinaire, Jenny Morrish, was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer and passed away 7 weeks later. We had always promised Jenny that we would one day supply her with a decent set of percussion equipment to play on. Now, in her memory and honour, we would like to raise the funds and dedicate this campaign to her.

Footscray Yarraville City band has set up a crowd funding page to help raise funds to purchase a professional set of timpani and other percussion equipment that the band has desperately needed for many years. Our poor percussionists, most recently Jenny, have been forced to rehearse on substandard equipment. Despite their best attempts, even musicians of Jenny’s caliber couldn’t make our timpani sound decent! But, being Jenny, she approached rehearsals with good humour and perseverance!

Without high quality instruments, it is difficult bordering on impossible to attract percussionists of Jenny’s caliber to perform with us on a regular basis. The domino effect would be that our younger musicians would lose the mentorship of professional musicians and the opportunity to learn and perform to their potential.

To pledge to our campaign, head to:

We appreciate every dollar that brings us closer to our goal. Thank You!


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