The Silent ANZAC Project Goals

The Silent ANZAC project goals were:

      • To commemorate the sacrifices of Australian service men and women during WW1;
      • To provide audiences with a moving and memorable performance that honours the memory of our ANZAC forebears;
      • To renew links with the local communities in France and Belgium where Australians fought and died;
      • To enhance the cultural significance of the 100th anniversary of the armistice of WW1;
      • To specifically commemorate the service men and women from Maribyrnong who lost their lives.
      • To provide a lasting record of the WW1 commemorations for our community and future generations.
      • Provide connections for our current and younger generations with those men and women who served in WW1.
      • Represent the City of Maribyrnong as cultural ambassadors during the armistice centenary period to similar municipalities in the UK, France and Belgium.


Poppies and wreaths were laid by the band in commemorative services at the Australian National Memorial near Villers-Bretonneux, France, in November 2018.

Services were recorded and live streamed for audiences at home.