The Silent ANZAC – Project Goals

The Silent ANZAC project aim to:

      • To commemorate the sacrifices of Australian service men and women during WW1;
      • To provide audiences with a moving and memorable performance that honours the memory of our ANZAC forebears;
      • To renew links with the local communities in France and Belgium where Australians fought and died;
      • To enhance the cultural significance of the 100th anniversary of the armistice of WW1;
      • To specifically commemorate the service men and women from Maribyrnong who lost their lives.
      • To provide a lasting record of the WW1 commemorations for our community and future generations.
      • Provide connections for our current and younger generations with those men and women who served in WW1.
      • Represent the City of Maribyrnong as cultural ambassadors during this armistice centenary period to similar municipalities in the UK, France and Belgium.

You are invited to dedicate a poppy which will be laid by the band in a commemorative service at the Australian National Memorial near Villers-Bretonneux, France, in November 2018.

This service will be recorded and live streamed for audiences at home.

For further information about this project or to dedicate a poppy or wreath you may contact the band by email at:

You can also make a donation to the band by clicking on the donate button below: