The Silent ANZAC Roadshow

The Silent Anzac roadshow is an opportunity for school students to learn more about their Anzac heritage. Our road show caravan will visit schools to display WW1 memorabilia and provide resources to research WW1 topics and people. Students will be able to research information about relatives that served and/or soldiers who lived in their street as well as dedicate a poppy to be laid by the band in a commemoration service to be held at the Australian National Memorial, France. The road show caravan provides:

  • an interactive experience with WW1 memorabilia (e.g. our WW1 bass drum, souvenirs sent home by the troops, letters and diaries, medals etc.)
  • general information on a range of topics about WW1;
  • our Anzac legacy and what it means to us today.

The road show also provides a number of activities for the students to be involved in including:

  • Dedicate a poppy to a WW1 soldier from their local area or a relative to be laid by the band in a commemorative service at the Australian National Memorial in France in November.
  • Make up care packages and write a letter to send to current serving troops overseas. The Silent Anzac Road Show was recently launched at the Seddon Festival on 3rd March 2018 and received an outstanding response from the public with many poppies being dedicated and interest in the WW1 memorabilia.